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Friday, 11 January 2019

Four Color Dell, 1942-1962 [#0051-#0100]

Four Color
Dell, 1942 Series
Published in English (United States) United States

Publication Dates:
    1942 - April-June 1962 
Number of Issues Published:
    1331 (#1 - Little Joe - #1354 - Calvin and the Colonel) 
Color:  Color 
    Standard Golden Age U.S.; Standard Silver Age U.S. 
Paper Stock:    Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior 
Binding:    Saddle-stitched 
Publishing Format:   Was Ongoing Series 
Publication Type:   magazine 
Pages  68  Indicia frequency  ?

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Four Color  Dell,  [#0051-#0100]  1944-1946


Four Color 0051 Bugs Bunny
Four Color 0052  Little Orphan Annie
Four color 0053  Wash Tubbs
Four Color 0054  Andy Panda 
Four Color 0055  Tillie the Toiler
Four Color 0056  Dick Tracy
Four color 0057  Gene Autry
Four color 0058  Smilin' Jack
Four Color 0059 Mother Goose
Four Color 0060 Tiny Folks Funnies
Four color 0061  Santa Claus Funnies
Four color 0062  Donald Duck in Frozen Gold
Four Color  0063 Roy Rogers
Four color 0064 Smokey Stover
Four color 0065 Smitty
Four Color 0066 Gene Autry
Four Color 0067 Oswald the Rabbit
Four color 0068 Mother Goose
Four color 0069  Fairy Tale Parade
Four Color 0070 Popeye
Four Color 0071 Three Caballeros
Four Color 0072 Raggedy Ann
Four Color 0073 The Gumps
Four Color 0074 Marge's Little Lulu
Four Color 0075-Gene Autry
Four color 0076 (Little Orphan Annie
Four Color 0077 Felix The Cat
Four Color 0078 Porky Pig
Four Color 0079 Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse
Four color 0080  Smilin' Jack
Four Color 0081 Moon Mullins
Four Color 0082 The Lone Ranger
Four color 0083  Gene Aurty
Four Color 0084 Flash Gordon
Four Color 0085 Andy Panda
Four Color 0086 Roy Rogers
Four Color 0087 Fairy Tale Parade
Four Color 0088 Bugs Bunny Great Adventure
Four Color 0089 Tillie The Toiler
Four Color 0090  Christmas with Mother Goose
Four color 0091 Santa Claus
Four Color 0092 Pinocchio
Four Color 0093 Gene Autry
Four color 0094  Winnie Winkle
Four Color 0095-Roy Rogers
Four Color 0096 Dick Tracy
Four color 0097  Little Lulu
Four color 0098  Lone Range
Four Color 0099 Smitty
Four color 0100 Gene Autry



LINKS: Four Color #0051-#0100 ⇲⇲

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